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World of Warcraft

It is safe to say that World of Warcraft is the best Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game the world ever had. It boasts huge number of loyal players across the world and has won many prizes in the business. The game is produced and published by Blizzard, a giant entertainment company headquartered in the US.

Basically, it is just like many other MMORPGs in terms of various systems. But all of the things in the game are so well designed that it is far more interesting and popular than its counterparts. In the magic and massive Azeroth, there are ten races and nine classes that players can choose. Depending on your own taste, you can join the Horde or the Alliance. Quests play an important part in World of Warcraft. The game lets you advance in level through the way of killing monsters, exploring new destinations and completing quests. With the help of its advanced in-game socializing system, it is very convenient for you to communicate with other players.


  • News about wow gold Trade (2014-12-01)

    From now on, we strongly recommend our customer choose the trade method of WOW EU as RIFT Fall of Lantern Hook (2011-03-18)

    The Fall of Lantern Hook" has just been released which is a five-man dungeon deep in the Droughtlands zone of Telara for its soon-to-come role-play game Rift. Mighty Ascended brave enough to enter are transported to a nightmare alternate future where Telara succumbs to Maelforge, the dragon lord of the Fire Plane. If you truly want to enjoy rift, enough RIFT Gold is a must as well as some ...

  • RIFT is Totally Worth Playing (2011-03-18)

    With the releasing of RIFT of telara, there's more and more rumors about this game. Is RIFT really capable of dragging WoW down from Most doubt if it would be such a great success as world of warcarft or is it truly worth playing. So many trash talk about it, some even question is that game truly worth buying RIFT Gold with real money?

    Yes, it is worth playing. RIft: Planes of Telara ta...

  • Character power leveling in Eve Online (2010-12-02)

    In the game Eve Online, there are not so many basic parameters of the character, as in other RPGs. Generally, the game is very different from others. So, there are only five basic parameters - Intelligence, which determines the rate of learning basic and additional (e.g. Scientific) skills; Charisma, necessary for running agent missions; Perception which is important for piloting and combat ski...

  • (Eve Online)Fleet structure (2010-12-02)

    Fleet in Eve is not just a group of ships. Things are much more complicated – firstly, a fleet is usually divided into two groups - the core, and support ships. Secondly, the fleet is much stronger then a group of ordinary ships because all the ships in the fleet are specialized. And thirdly, the leading ship of the fleet can give various bonuses to the accompanying ships. This is achieve...

  • Dofus Strength Skills Guide (2010-11-30)

    No logic at all in the answer so quickly given. You assume all calsses are perfectly balanced and only sacriers are stronger than everyone else - where do you find 11 level nails nonsense from? If you are honest with yourself you will admit that the fact is Dofus is not perfectly balanced and thus why PvP cannot be a fair for all game.


  • How to Level in Dofus (2010-11-30)

    As we know, especially the new players levels of (Dofus Kamas bon marché )action may take weeks or even months as usual. Here we provide various different tasks for the players, as you have the skills to get the full you need a new level.If you play this game is just time no long, you can rapid deployment of Dofus to...

  • Darkfall Online - Monsters: Devils (2010-10-15)

    Devils Veiled by layer upon layer of subtle magic, and guarded by armies of spell-ensnared henchmen, devils wield their insidious influence upon entire communities, guilds or even nations. Devils are among the world's most adept spellcasters, and if confronted, they may unleash truly epic levels of magic-fuelled destruction upon their enemies. Ecology and behavior<...